My WordPress Streak Is Over: Back to Day One

That’s me. (I couldn’t resist riffing on my favorite wrestler, The Undertaker, and his WrestleMania streak ending n 2014.

Womp womp. I tempted fate too many times. Or rather, I tempted my memory one too many times. After 312 consecutive days of publishing at least one post on my WordPress blog, yesterday, I forgot to do a post. I was so close to 365 days. It reminds me of my grandpa who bowled a 299. I mean, that’s basically the same thing, right? I jest.

This year, I’ve taken a number of vacations and most recently, I visited Washington D.C. between this past Sunday and Wednesday. Even when I’m on these vacations, I’ve blogged and published a post to keep the streak alive, as it were. And because I enjoy blogging and writing, obviously! Yesterday, I was up early-ish because I needed to a.) check-out from my hotel and b.) get from Leesburg, Virginia to Washington D.C., which is a little more than an hour drive with traffic, to ensure I received my ticket to go up in the Washington Monument (more on that in a separate post!). So, in my head, I said I would do my blog post when I got home later that evening after driving back to Cincinnati.

On the way home, with more than eight hours of commute time to think about … everything, one of the areas of my focus was what the blog post would be. I had a few different ideas rattling around in my brain. I say this to say, at that point yesterday, I was fully aware of the fact that I still needed to do a blog post! But by the time I actually got home just shy of 9:00 p.m., my brain was orientated around three different things: 1.) I’m someone who likes to unpack immediately to get it over with, so that’s what I did, which also included displaying my souvenirs to take pictures of them to send to my folks and post on social media like the fiend I am; 2.) I ended up interacting with my neighbor and his dog while unloading my vehicle, which the connection to then forgetting to blog is tenuous, but I’m adding it here anyway; and 3.) By the time I unpacked and changed my clothes to comfy sweats, I cracked open a beer, grabbed Jack Daniels pecans and finally reclined on the recliner to watch Golden Girls. As soon as I hit that recliner, I suppose it was all over from there; I wasn’t going to remember the streak! After about an hour-ish of laughing and enjoying Golden Girls, I was ready for bed. I went upstairs, brushed my teeth, and burritoed with my comforter. The latter is where the kicker is: The last possible chance I might have had to remember to blog could have come at this point when in bed. Instead, I was so tired from the events of D.C. and traveling back, that in a rare instance, I was asleep almost instantly.

Only this morning, as I was waking up and checking my phone (again, like a fiend), the thought rolled in my brain: Oh crap, I forgot to blog! I morosely checked my notifications on WordPress to see that Tuesday marked my 312th consecutive day of publishing a blog post. Wednesday had passed. The streak was broken. Womp womp.

Oh well, here is to Day One of a new streak!

What is your longest blogging streak? (I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the original bloggers on WordPress and elsewhere have been blogging consistently for years. I almost made one-year.)

More like down arrows.

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