Sexism blatant on Fox News

Holy hyperbole, Batman! Not only is this obviously an exaggeration to this study, but it completely misses the mark. There is nothing wrong with a woman being the primary breadwinner of a family. Just because familial dynamics have changed over time (and they’ve always been trending that way, nuclear families were the exception, if anything) that does not mean our society is “breaking down.” We’re fine.

Not to mention, as the title notes, pretty ridiculous to talk about a study regarding women, how that’s bad and is detrimental to society without featuring any female panelists to weigh in.

2 thoughts

  1. Fox News and the other popular news channels are owned by powerfully wealthy dictators part of a patriarchal club who prevent journalists from exposing them. Journalism is a joke from those popular news channels. Female journalists got sexually harassed and/or killed. Edward Snowden and Julian Assange should warn you about media companies owned by powerfully wealthy dictators. American military terrorists torture, rape, and rob resources in countries through war and abusive international trade policies that causes refugees and the real reason why America is a powerful country. However, those popular media companies will never tell you that because they are owned by American military supporters. They want to give the false idea that American soldiers are heroes when that is far from reality. They are terrorists who benefit the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Kochs, Jewish terrorists from Israel, and other people through oil wars that cause refugees, especially tortured and raped women in the middle eastern countries. These terrorists are indoctrinated with psychological warfare through religion, fear, sexual abuse, desensitisation from cruel violence, and other things to train them to become profitable killers for wealthy people. It’s not justice nor compassion. It’s only profit and power. Which is another thing those popular news channels won’t tell you. America represents discreetly systemic sexism and an oligarchical republic despite the people talking about feminism and democracy to benefit wealthy elites controlling many companies while selling false ideas that keep gullible Americans distracted. Scandinavia does a lot better job at feminism than America does. Of course, those sexist news channels from America won’t tell gullible Americans that.


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