Maintaining principles against the tide of partisanship

Here is a quote I came across recently from Jeremy Scahill.

“It’s tough to stand up and be principled when someone like Obama is in office. It’s easy to be against war and all of this [US government] criminality when its Bush/Cheney. They are cartoonish villains. Your principles are tested when its someone like Obama in office and you have the courage to stand up and say, No. A principle is a principle and I’m against it when a Democrat does it and I’m against it when a Republican does it. There’s no such thing as a Democratic cruise missile or a Republican cruise missile.”

He’s the author of Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield,which is also an upcoming documentary of the same name. Check out the trailer:

In any event, I think Scahill is spot on. I think something quite revealing, sad and disgusting in some respects, is just how bipartisan the warfare state truly is and the maintenance of the “War on Terrorism” apparatus since 9/11 really is. Supporting or not supporting a war should not pivot upon which party’s politician is at the helm of the power to wield said war.

Moreover, I really have an issue with this idea of “my guy.” Republicans say Bush is “their guy” and will defend him righteously. Likewise, many Democrats will say Obama is “their guy” and will defend him righteously. Why have loyalty to a politician when we know power corrupts? Why not have loyalty to ideas?

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