The Titanic: Marveling at what humans can do

The Titanic

Seriously, if you haven’t subscribed to reddit’s subreddit r/historyporn, please do and don’t be squeamish at the title; it’s a great source for some really cool historical pictures (of course, always check the comments to ensure authenticity).

I found this picture while browsing there. It’s a picture of the Titanic in the background. This was taken in 1912 with a man standing next to one of the propellers. Look at the size difference and how huge that is. Now, certainly, take a look at this:

Titanic size

Titanic looks relatively small to what we have floating amongst our waters now, but jeez, consider that Titanic was commissioned and built and roamed the waters over one hundred years ago — a century has passed. I mean, that’s astounding to me that human beings in that day and age, which I don’t intend as a slight against them, were able to build something so unbelievably huge. Obviously, it helped that it was geared towards wealthy individuals, but still.

Consider also, we were just starting to fly nine years prior to this picture, and the enormous first World War was only a couple years off. I love history and the images therein. Moreover, I love what human beings can achieve. I’m constantly astounded. And jeez, that’s not even getting into the pyramids (it wasn’t aliens).

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