Flash fiction: Winston

He pulled one of her Winston cigarettes out of the red packaging. Rolled it around in his fingers; he didn’t smoke. With the car lighter, he ignited. The spark at the end entranced him and then he tossed the lit cigarette out of the car. He stepped out, stomped on it, perhaps a little harder than necessary – he was wearing steel-toed boots after all.

Tonight, the air was crisp, for once, with a soft drizzle that felt good on his hot skin. He crumpled the Winston package in his hand and tossed it aside. It landed under a streetlight; the light showed one cigarette had gotten away, rolling down a gentle curvature in the street.

His phone buzzed, flipped it open:

where u at?

Snapped it shut. You, it was “you.”

Got back into his car, started the engine, did a slow turnaround and rolled right over the Winston package. He looked back in his rearview mirror; smirked.

2 thoughts

  1. Interesting. The cigarettes being a memory of her, maybe for a brief second he has thoughts of her but then he tosses the lit cig and stomps on it. I assume the Winstons were a metaphor for their relationship. Running over the pack was literally ending the relationahip?


    1. More specifically, I was envisioning the lone cigarette rolling away from the pack as symbolic of him getting away from that relationship, but pretty much lol.


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