Through a friend, I discovered the 2CELLOS (as it’s stylized) on YouTube a while back, but given my whimsical nature, I had forgotten about them. I stumbled across them again last night and whew, I missed their style. If you’re not familiar, essentially, the 2CELLOS is a Croatian cello duo that plays mostly cover songs. Well, their cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is what got me hooked. Check it out:

I guess what enamors me most about this performance is the level of intensity brought to the performance. Are their fingers bleeding? Has anyone checked? Because these two guys play ferociously. I had no idea the cello could be so bad-ass. I would legitimately put this right alongside Nirvana’s own version of their song.

Here’s their cover of U2’s beautiful song, “With or Without You.”

See, check out their range here, as this is a complete 360 in style compared to Nirvana’s song. This is much more sensitive, gentle and intimate. I’m blown away by how much it sounds like U2’s version, but on the cello. It’s incredibly unique and as someone that’s a fan of the classical music vibe, I really dig this.

There are a bunch of other covers on their YouTube channel, which I would highly recommend you head on over there and give a listen to their work. They’re great.

Okay, just one more. I didn’t know there could be a third version of “Hurt” that I would fall in love with, but here it is:

I find that astonishing how beautiful it is. There doesn’t even need to be Cash’s somber vocals or anything attached to it. Just let the beauty of the cellos sing to you.


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