Marijuana is safer than alcohol commerical

Check it out:

Well, it’s true. It is and I’m sure that commercial will drum up some considerable controversy. Although, I would contend the “no calories” argument and offer the “munchies” as the counter. Nonetheless, just recently, a new Rasmussen poll showed that 82% of Americans think we are not winning the “War on Drugs.” Of course, we’re still evenly split on whether marijuana ought to be legalized. Just because people think the war is a “failure” doesn’t mean they necessarily want to legalize drugs, but then, what do they want?

At the very least, even if you don’t favor legalization of marijuana, I would think any rational person could see that the government’s classification of the drug is absolute absurdity. Currently, marijuana is considered by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, which means they “have a high potential for abuse” and “no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.” What other drugs are also classified under Schedule 1? Heroin and L.S.D. I mean, really? Marijuana in the same category as heroin? Really? To go further, even if you dispute or are skeptical of marijuana’s health benefits, to classify it among those drugs is just asinine on every conceivable level.

How much longer are we going to continue this nonsense charade of locking people up for smoking marijuana for recreational use or supposed medical benefits? First and foremost, there is the simple human right to the ownership of your body. Therefore, you ought to be allowed to put whatever substance you want into your body given that you own it. To suggest otherwise is to suggest you do not own your body, which is scary territory to venture into, philosophically, morally and legally. Secondly, it’s a huge diversion of resources to waste man power and monies on going after marijuana users. Seriously, let me be frank, who cares? Who cares if someone wants to smoke marijuana? It’s the twenty-first century. Why are we letting arbitrary government standards guide us?

I would love to see the argument for how marijuana is more lethal than alcohol. I know some will say, “Just because marijuana isn’t as lethal as alcohol that doesn’t mean we should legalize it.” Then, what’s the argument for keeping it illegal? That more people will start using it? And?


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  1. Its a gateway drug, that’s my biggest problem. Teens always start with pot but some graduate to harder drugs like heroin or crack. I won’t even debate the “who owns the body” nonsense, its simplistic and narrow minded. I think you’re exageratting how recreational users are being “locked up”, without providing statistics, that’s just guesswork. I don’t care if people smoke pot, I just want our youth to understand that marijuana use might very well lead to the addiction of much more problematic drugs.


  2. Not quite sure why you casually brush aside the “who owns your body” argument, as that has deep roots in philosophy. I simplified it for the sake of the piece, I realize, but it’s very significant, I believe.

    As for the gateway argument, I do not intend to romanticize marijuana and say that it’s some magical drug and there are no ill side effects. I just did a casual Google search and there’s plenty of credible sources citing people that have been ruined by marijuana use or went on to stronger drugs. That said, there is also this, which makes a great point about the difference between correlation and causation:

    Correlation/causation often get confused in media reports, but science seems pretty clear on it…

    Thanks for the feedback.


    1. Thanks for sharing that link. I came across it in my Google searches too. However, nothing in that study disputes my previous link discussing correlation/causation. “A potential association” is talking more about correlation than causation.


  3. You’re talking wordplay here, I’m not concerned about causation because its almost impossible to prove. Even the link you provided basically admits there’s a correlation and with regards to our youth, that frightens me with or without causation.


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