Police Misconduct (1/14/2014)

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I realize the case in question occurred in November, but I think it’s still worth highlighting the various nuances present. 

A cop shot an unarmed man 16 times. Three shots in the back and he’s dead. The cop will not be charged. Here is the story.

  • He ought not to have been on duty after the first two shootings cases.
  • He admitted to drinking multiple beers before going to work.
  • Despite that, the city waited five hours to give him a breath test.
  • Superintendent Garry McCarthy acknowledges the department had “no way of tracking officers’ shooting records.”
  • A 2007 study found only 19 out of 10,149 complaints of excessive force, sexual abuse and so on led to police suspension of a week or more.
  • Chicago taxpayers covered the settlement of $4.1 milion. This happens in other cities, too.
  • It was also on video. He shot an unarmed man 16 fucking times.
  • Not guilty.

Then there is this story.

In short, a woman fell out of a moving police vehicle and accuses a police officer of sexually assaulting her while she was handcuffed in the backseat of the car. She was picked up for “public intoxication” despite (as she claims) two male friends that were with her at the time not being picked up. The officers’ claims of how the fall occurred is contradicted by the video evidence.

For a very valuable tracking service on police misconduct from the Cato Institute, see here.

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