The PornHub Snub


I was reading through PornHub’s (the third largest porn provider on the Internet) AMA on reddit recently (and it’s fascinating) and they mentioned two things that irked me:

  • They were “banned” by CBS from airing their Super Bowl commercial advertising PornHub.
  • (More importantly) Susan G. Komen for the Cure (the biggest breast cancer organization) rejected PornHub’s $25,000 donation.

And why? Porn. Well, at least with the former, it appears that it may have just been a publicity stunt to generate interest in PornHub (lol), but still, I’m fairly certain networks aren’t allowed to advertise for porn companies.

Here is the ad:

Pretty tame stuff, huh? Let’s pretend, though, for a moment that it wasn’t a publicity stunt and they wanted to run that ad. What’s so wrong with that? Why is that a problem? From a content perspective, it’s far tamer than the GoDaddy commercials we’ve seen year after year at the Super Bowl, among others. As for it just advertising a porn website, so what?

As for the breast cancer, the site said they’d donate 1 cent for every 30 views of videos containing breasts. Porn Hub is the 60th biggest website on the Internet, which is impressive and they handle an obvious amount of traffic: 70-90 million hits a month. They could raise considerable money for Komen, but they decline. How unfortunate. Because porn.

Why the heck are we so weird about porn? Because it’s one of those things we know most people (guys and girls) partake in, but we get squeamish about it in the public sphere. You can show an autopsy body on television including CBS and basically all manner of violence and shooting, but god forbid the PornHub logo flashes for two seconds on a 20-second commercial.

I mean, would you look at someone differently because they worked in the PornHub offices, as opposed to the offices of a dentistry practice? Sure, they get to look at porn in their offices, but it’s not like these people are mass murders, sexual deviants and all that jazz. It’s just people that are providing a service a lot of people clearly enjoy.

It’s all very bizarre to me.

Plus, did you know they have an Insights blog with stats? Interesting stuff like, did you know in 2013, January was the “busiest” month of the year for PornHub? The top search term in the United States was “teen.”

Americans apparently spend the most time on PornHub, by the way. We last.


They also see traffic greatly decrease during big television events like (oddly enough) the Super Bowl or The Walking Dead and especially during the big holidays of the year. Makes sense. Then again, maybe PornHub is preferable to the inane conversations with relatives. I digress…

I’m not saying people should be comfortable openly discussing their porn viewing habits or their masturbation schedules, but for god’s sake, America is just a weird ass country when it comes to porn and sex and nudity.

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