I’d say they have reason to be upset. All of these are fucked up in their own way, but #3 in particular stands out — it seems we still haven’t learned to apologize or admit fault for screwing up and killing innocent people. Sad.


One basic obstacle for the new round of talks over Iran’s nuclear program that open today will be America’s basic distrust of the Iranian regime. Before striking any deal with Tehran, the Obama Administration will have to gauge whether a country where hostility toward the U.S. has been a core political theme since 1979 is acting in good faith. That could be a hard notion to swallow, given that some Iranian leaders still call America the Great Satan, and that Iran still celebrates the 1979 takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran with a national holiday.

But as Iran and Western negotiators sit down in Geneva today, it’s worth considering some of the reasons why Iran bears such animus toward America, and why cutting a deal with the U.S. won’t be easy for Tehran either. Many of those reasons have to do with the basic Islamic fundamentalist philosophy…

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3 thoughts on “Four Good Reasons Why Iran Doesn’t Trust America

  1. Number 5 should be the level of hypocrisy involved in lecturing other countries on nuclear proliferation whilst being the only country to have used nuclear weapons and on a civilian population.

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