Flash! Friday Vol 2 – 26: WINNERS!

My piece “Lost Time” won Flash! Friday’s weekly contest. Many, many thanks to all those that have given feedback and especially, Pratibha Kelapure for her generous feedback and for selecting my piece.

Flash! Friday

It’s Winner Time! Hats, helmets, and plumed caps off to the lot of you for the fabulous torment you wreaked upon dear Pratibha; her winners’ list dripped with anguished tears over having to choose. Thanks to new and returning writers for joining this week’s adventure, and thanks to all of you who made time to comment on stories (especially Margaret Locke and MT Decker–wow–stunning support of the writers this week–thank you!). Someday we must put together a field trip to Guadalest to learn some of its real-life adventures (have any of you been? please share in the comments here!). 

Special thanks to those of you who made donations this week, too. Your contributions have already made a difference.I have surprises in the works for the third quarter, and now that we’re past the halfway mark of Year Two, I’m already hard at work on this year’s Flashversary (December’s mega contest)…

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