Skinny Shaming’s Double Standard

Most people would rightly say that they think fat shaming is wrong. But most people wouldn’t think anything of skinny shaming.

I can’t count how many times on Facebook or in real life that I hear people saying, “Jeez, get this girl a cheeseburger!” Or, “Put some meat on those bones!”

Why doesn’t she eat? Maybe she does. Maybe she eats all the time. Maybe she has a medical condition. Maybe it’s a plethora of different things you don’t fucking know.

“She’s so lucky, I wish I could be like that.” You just don’t know.

Putting down anyone to make yourself feel better is of course wrong. But this double standard in particular irks me.


4 thoughts

  1. I used to get that a lot, until I finally just started telling people I have a thyroid condition. And that can go either way, either you struggle to lose weight or you struggle to gain. My medical issues were personal, so I hesitated to share, but enough is enough. I’ve gained weight since having kids, so I don’t experience this anymore, but I remember the feeling. People just assume that since you have the “perfect body” (which is bullshit to begin with) there’s no way you could be self-conscious about it. It’s made me hesitate to complain at all about my body in any way because my feelings in the matter are irrelevant. Because I wasn’t fat, I was made to feel like I had no reason whatsoever to complain. Not that I want to be a whiny little bitch anyway, but still. People are too quick to judge based on appearance and negate the emotional struggles of other folks of any size. In my opinion, commenting on a woman’s weight, or even a man’s, is rude to begin with. If more people were raised with emphasis on common sense and common courtesy, this wouldn’t even be an issue.

    Okay, rant done. 🙂


  2. I think the worst is when people say “real women have curves” or “real men prefer curves” Thin women are still real women and I am sure they have real men attracted to them


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