Music Round Here


Every now and then, I like to mention a few new songs I’ve started listening to or rather, I’ve allowed to obsessively percolate in my brain. Most of these songs I come across by happenstance, someone else mentions that they’re listening to it, I overhear it somewhere or whatever the case, here is the latest batch of such songs, in no particular order:

1. “Take Me To Church,” — Hozier

My uncle Tweeted this one out and that’s not a frequent circumstance, so usually the music he puts out is sure to be worth a listen. And this one was no different. Music is attractive to me because there are many qualities you can latch on to that differ from song to song. With this particular song, I just like the way the dude sings it. He has an interesting voice.

2. “Life Round Here,” — James Blake

I’ve been listening to a few of his songs and selected this one because it’s the namesake of the blog here. But also check out: “Retrograde,” “Limit To Your Love,” “The Wilhelm Scream” and “Overgrown.” “Limit to Your Love” is probably my favorite of the bunch. Again, a dude with an interesting voice and I also dig the pianos and so forth he uses.

3. “Even the Darkness Has Arms,” — The Barr Brothers

I love great fucking titles and that’s a great fucking title. Anyhow, when I listen to this song, I picture sitting on a porch, drinking hot tea and watching the sun set. I don’t know, it’s quite peaceful and pleasant to listen to.


4. “Pretty Girls Make Graves,” — The Smiths

What was I saying about great titles? Good little tune here.


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