Bated Breath

Latest Flash Friday entry. Include a politician was the word prompt and the above picture also acted as a prompt. As usual, only 160 words max. 

For a moment, as the water beguiled me with its gentle lapping against the side of our small boat, I’d forgotten that the Congressman’s body was cut into 13 chunks and stacked in our bait cooler.

Lennie was already in the deep end of the whiskey bottle, as he fiddled with the netting.

“It starts today, here, with us, Bruce,” Lennie said, his words slurring out like he had a mangled starfish in his mouth.

Then, Lennie unzipped.

“Season ya up for the fishies, but they probably don’t even want your filth,” Lennie said, as his piss drizzled on the grey hair chunk of the Congressman.

His style was a bit much for me alright, but I couldn’t shake the adrenaline when we netted the Congressman right outside his home.

Felt like something mattered again. Felt like I mattered.

I took a swig on the whiskey before it was all gone and listened to the gentle lapping, tapping.

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