Latest Craft Beer Haul

So, I’ve really become an enthusiast — is that the word? — for craft beer. The whole experience is just fun. Going to the store, typically Jungle Jim’s since they have by far the biggest selection of anywhere I know of in town and browsing the shelves. The artwork, the interesting names, the different varieties and geographical bases; it’s all fascinating. That’s not even getting into the taste, which itself is a real joy. I very rarely have come across a craft beer I don’t at least like drinking.

Here was my haul from last night:

Craft Beer

To explain some of my thinking behind my choices:

I really wanted to try an oatmeal-based beer just because it’s so different, thus the first beer you see from the left side.

Kentucky Bourbon Ale is one of those beers I see around all the time, but I’ve never had the balls to try. Therefore…

I had the Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA and that motherfucker was hoppy as hell. It electrified my taste buds, but in a good way. Thought I’d try a slight variation.

Ginger Beer. Enough said.

Nitro Milk by the Left Hand Brewing Company is one of my favorite beers, so I thought I’d give their Sawtooth variety a shot.

A friend recommended Founders’ Dirty Bastard (great name).

Last night, I tried Dirty Bastard, Oatmeal Stout and Ginger Beer. Ranked from best to least best:

1. Dirty Bastard

2. Oatmeal Stout

3. Ginger Beer

Dirty bastard was an interesting beer because it had a slight taste of fruitiness to it, but it wasn’t overwhelming. It also had the hoppy, electrifying feeling of that Torpedo IPA. Struck a good balance with me and I enjoyed it immensely.

Oatmeal Stout had an odd smell to it, but I thought it tasted better than I expected. A smooth finish and that’s always a welcome thing.

Ginger Beer had a fabulous smell to it, although I couldn’t ascertain exactly what it was, watermelon, maybe? But the taste was…eh. Half tasted overwhelmingly fruity and the other half tasted “watery” if I can say that. I wouldn’t have it again, to be honest.

Bonus: Yesterday, I also went to Red Robin and got their Blue Moon shake:

blue moon

Even if you’re not a fan of Blue Moon, which is silly, I think you’d like this. It’s beyond delicious. Here’s what’s in it:

Cointreau Orange Liquer
Blue Moon Belgian Wheat Beer
Orange Juice
Vanilla Ice Cream

Then I had this bad boy:


I only got it because 1.) Cool name and I’m easily lulled in by a cool name and 2.) The menu made it seem like it wouldn’t be as “heavy” as a typical Sam Adams. And it was great. I loved it. A bit stronger than the beers I typically have, but it was smooth on the taste buds. Quality drink I’d absolutely have again.

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