Cracked and Slippin’

New Daily Prompt:

For our final trio prompt of the year, write about any topic you wish, but make sure your post features a bookcase, something cracked, and a song you love.

I’ve been stuck on Patrick Sweany songs lately, particularly this one from his album, “Close to the Floor.” He’s a bluesy fella from here in Ohio. He has a melancholy, scratchy Janis Joplin, but still subtle vibe to him. It’s hard to nail down exactly, but I like what I hear from this album. And the beat at the start of this song is sick. It gets you in the right mindset. Toward the end, he really ramps it up with that Joplin vibe.

“Rockin’ beers for lunch, up to nothing good. I got things to do, but I didn’t. Looks like I’m slippin’.”

I feel like he’s speaking to me when I settle in with this song and his voice in my ears. Sometimes I end a day thinking I’ve “slipped.” That I wasn’t as productive as I ought to have been or that I’m not doing enough to progress my “dreams.”

Perhaps one of the most egregious daily reminders of how much I feel like I’m constantly slippin’ the wrong way against my passions and desires are my two bookshelves. They’re filled with books, overflowing with books, as matter of fact. And I keep adding more and more, but my “read” category compared to my “to read” category is of no comparison. I’m reading at such a pace that I’d be lucky to get through one bookshelf before I croak.

Maybe my mind’s just “cracked,” unfurling all my whimsical hopes and dreams that slosh around in that cranium.

Sloshin’. Slippin’. Crackin’.

“I keep pushing through the aches and pains; maybe a bit older, I still feel the same. I don’t mind it, I don’t sleep through the night. I just know I keep on holding tight. Hold on, hold on, hooooooooooooold on.”

Hold on, baby.


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