Necessary Perspective on Muslims and Terrorism

Since 9/11 and even before, but especially since, Muslims are too often broadly swept up in the, “All Muslims are terrorist or violent,” generalization. Here’s some necessary perspective for those types:


I love graphs like this that really put a situation into such clear perspective like this. We’re talking about 1.57 billion people. If all of them were terrorists or even just violent, I think they’d have taken over the world by now…

2 thoughts

  1. This is a very effective illustration. Unfortunately, those who foment the “Muslims are Coming!” hysteria are either (1) pushing their own agenda which requires Muslims’ to be seen as an enemy, or (2) convinced that all Muslims are inherently evil (and the big blue mass which is the majority are somehow pulling off the greatest conspiracy of human history by laying in wait over centuries just waiting, waiting, waiting for that right time to pounce; those who fit into this category see this and say “See! That’s what I’ve been saying all along!”). My two cents. Thanks for sharing this post.

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  2. The problem is the extremists subscribe to the same Qur’an and doctrine as the non-extreme muslims. So to try to take away a fear that could absolutely could exist is not working here. I think you are the one with the agenda here. The article, however, is interesting, but it is too broad.


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