Wag the Tail

I haven’t participated in the weekly Word Press Photo Challenge in quite some time, but the prompt caught my attention and I thought I had a fitting photo to offer. The prompt:

Show us what ephemeral means to you. It could be a dry leaf floating on an errant breeze, the sleep-floppy smile of your waking three-year-old, or the cake that turned out just right before the hungry hordes descend on it. So looking forward to see the fleeing moments you’ll capture!

And my photo:


If you’re a dog owner, you know how damn near impossible it is to get a dog to sit in place long enough for a photo. They’ll try to lick your face, they’ll move; everything, including photo-taking, is a game to them. So, when I decided on a whim to take my dog, Dallas, with me to pick up my new glasses, I was happy to get this momentary, ephemeral shot of her. I especially like the wet dripping off her nose and the beautifully bewildered brown of her eyes to sink into.

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