The Rapture

My latest for Flash! Friday for their new week of prompts and such. My entry:

(250 words)
Theme: justice
Conflict: man vs man

Rory was hitchhiking through a hole-in-the-earth town. He sermonized the townspeople and tourists that walked by him.

One too-nice college-looking kid stopped and actually seemed to be listening to Rory.

“Abraham was ready to slice open his own son, Isaac, in the presence of All Mighty God, brothers and sisters,” Rory said, his vocal chords coated in decades-old smoke.

The college kid nodded, as Rory continued.

“And you son, God sent Jesus just for you,” Rory went on, his hands gesticulated in fiery passion.

Rory had a bulky camping bag on his back, black shades covered his eyes and a thick, dirty mustache bulged from his lip. His skin evidenced his hitchhiking, as it had turned a rubbery brown.

I people-watched. People were so self-consumed; they only navigated their bubble, oblivious to what lurked outside.

Zodiac had it partly wrong. Humans weren’t the most dangerous animal of all because at least animals in the wild had a sense of a predator.

Humans had let civilization dull their animal instincts.

Rory thought God had sent Jesus to save humankinds’ sins. But God was either bored with us or dead. Someone else had to step up and I elected myself for that position.

Someone had to remind humans of where we came from.

Someone had to remind humans of the filth that they had allowed to accrue around them.

Someone had to remind them of people like Rory. And of people like me.

I was sent here to cleanse all the filth.

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