Haiku Challenge for Aug. 2: ‘One’

As I’ve said before, I prefer the five/seven/five syllable structure to my haiku poems. Here are 10 I came up with based on that prompt. I decided to start each with the prompt word. Edit: I’m a goober, and if you saw this post in the last 60 seconds, I said the word was “day” in the title for some reason. But it’s “one.” Sorry about that.

One flower sprouting
is a tiny miracle —
repetition not.

One sun, glowing, still.
Except for the solar flares,
quiet, orbiting.

One death: tragedy;
one bomb: forgotten about.
one king: history.

One book has power
only if its pages read
and locked in the mind.

One act of kindness
is a transmutable act
encouraging more.

One amorous thought
leads to infatuation
leads to brokenness.

One moment in time
etches itself to our brain
more than inbetweens.

One day, I will be
able to forget about
her, but not today.

One word has power
to reshape worlds, both in
its use and absence.

One day at a time.
They tell you to keep going.
It’s a victory.

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