My Five Favorite Halloween Candies

No, these didn’t make the final cut, but they’re so good, too!

If you read my previous post about Halloween being for kids and adults alike (and you should!), then you know I also love candy. Not just around October or Halloween, either. I’m regularly snatching up candy throughout the year. Candy is awesome. All kinds of candy. Hard candy. Soft candy. Chocolate candy. Caramel candy. Bars, gummies, sour, hot, sweet, taffy, rock, and yes, even candy corn, jelly beans, and if they count as candy, Peeps. The only no-go for me is anything with coconut. Other than that, I am your candy garbage disposal; toss that stuff down my gullet.

It’s difficult to parse my favorite candy’s down to five favorites. Take for example, Skittles. Skittles by themselves are good. Sour Skittles are even better. And Wild Berry Skittles the best. Do I mash those up into one choice and say, “Skittles,” or are the different kinds of Skittles their own unique choice? Honestly, I think they count as their own unique choice, so that’s how I’m going to approach this, which makes it all the harder. We’re talking hundreds of candies, and hundreds of combinations within those candies.

But! For the sake of Halloween, I have narrowed it down to these five, at least for today, and if you asked me tomorrow, it might be a new five. In order:

Honorable Mentions: Tootsie Rolls, Starbursts, Smarties (nostalgic candy for me, as it’s one of the first candies I can recall having), Twizzlers, Wild Berry Skittles, and Mr. Goodbar (which, my hot take there, is as much as I love Hershey’s milk chocolate bars, Mr. Goodbar is the best of the “bars”).

5. Nerds: Gotta Love Grape and Seriously Strawberry

I’m a nerd for Nerds.

This is the box where you have it divided between Gotta Love Grape and Seriously Strawberry, which especially as a kid, made it more fun. As an adult, I just drizzle them both into my mouth. As far as hard candies go, Nerds might be the original favorite and to this day, still my favorite. Perhaps the best part about them is that they are tiny, and that makes it both more fun, and less taxing on the ol’ teeth. Plus, that little burst of sugary artificial flavor is tasty.

4. Milk Duds

Milk Duds are certainly not a dude candy.

Take a caramel ball, cover it with confectionery chocolate, and put it in a neat yellow box. I’m sold. These chewy, yummy, chocolaty goddesses are the best. Yeah, yeah, they’re going to get stuck in my teeth and probably hurt my jaw after because they’re so dang chewy, but in this case, it’s worth it. Love is pain. That gooey caramel with chocolate makes for a great combination. Caramel and chocolate as a combination is only second to peanut butter and chocolate for brilliant candy combinations.

3. PayDay

I’d pay for these any day.

What happens if you take two of the best combination-makers for candy flavoring — caramel (with chocolate) and peanut (with chocolate) — and combine them while adding in nougat? That’s where you get the salty, savory PayDay. Some call it a grandpa candy, apparently, but well, I’m an old man at heart and there might even be another old man candy on this list. As far as a candy goes, there are few that actually “fill me up” in the way a good chunk of PayDay can.

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

I might put a “cup’le” of these in my mouth.

Perfection. Only slightly behind in perfection, if that’s possible, from my number one choice, and you’ll see why. So, peanut butter and chocolate mixed to creamy, smooth, circular perfection. Those yummy ridges and that soft middle, and my goodness, if you put them in the freezer for a second and get them cold, that’s even more orgasmic. And you can plop one in your mouth with ease. Addictive. King size? More like baby size. Bring me more.

1. Baby Ruth

Oh, baby.

Okay, I already love a PayDay, but what if you then add in that great combining force of chocolate? MIND BLOWN. Caramel, peanut, chocolate and nougat. You’ve literally taken all the greatest forces in the candy universe and made a delicious bar out of them. This is the Justice League of candies. Come on! The mini ones are brilliant little one-bite munches I can’t quit, either. Nestle, you’re a genius.

There are so many great candies, I didn’t even mention Reese’s Pieces, Snickers or Butterfingers, which I would happily devour any of those as well. Or Laffy Taffy, Now and Later, Airheads, Jolly Ranchers, or Sugar Daddy, which is another nostalgic favorite. Pop Rocks! Salt Water Taffy! I didn’t even throw any love to suckers! Junior Mints? Mhmm. I could go on and on, folks.

Heck, if you asked me tomorrow, and I still somehow haven’t gotten to this, I might tell you Swedish Fish are my favorite candy! Those little gummies are delicious. M&M’s Peanut?! Hershey Kisses?! Tootsie Roll?! Good old fashioned cotton candy of any flavor?! Agh! Agh, I say!

What are your favorite candies? There are so many great ones, I’m sure even with me name-dropping a bunch, I still left out a yummy one.

More like M&Mhmm.

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