What Film Should I Watch Next? Vote!

1988’s Bloodsport.

One of my favorite things to do for the blog is watch films and review them. This year, with the lone exception of The English Patient, I’ve mostly been watching horror and action films. But, now I want to put it in your voting hands. We’re turning Milam’s Musings into Milam’s Republic, or something. I don’t know what the response to this will be and I’m also going to make a Twitter poll out of it, but hey, even if it’s one vote, that one vote will make me do it!

All four of the films in the poll are films I’ve never seen before. At some point, I would obviously like to see all of these films, but your vote could be the deciding factor on which one I see first.

1977’s The Hills Have Eyes.

So, as I said, since I’ve been obsessed with horror and action this year, there are two on the list in those genres. First,1988’s Bloodsport featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme. I’ve been making my way through the 1980s with Rambo, why not turn to this cult classic that kicked off Van Damme’s career? I’m not usually one for martial arts films, but I’ll give it a whirl if you vote for it!

I’m particularly interested lately in revisiting horror from the 1970s. I recently reviewed 1974’s Black Christmas, for example. In that spirit, the second film on the poll is 1977’s The Hills Have Eyes. I have seen the 2006 remake, which I love and also want to revisit and review for the blog, but I’ve never actually seen the original. While I spent much of the year binging Wes Craven’s original creation, which spawned an iconic franchise, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and I have seen his other 1970s film, 1972’s The Last House on the Left, I’ve never seen this one. If you vote for it, I will rectify that mistake and make amends to one of horror’s masters. I’m also curious how it holds up in my head to the remake.

1962’s Lawrence of Arabia.

On the flip side, I do love other genres! 2020 has just been a weird year and my brain has gravitated toward horror and action. But, I do love epic, classic films, and going by the American Film Institute’s 100 greatest films, the top film on that list I haven’t seen is at #7, 1962’s Lawrence of Arabia. If you vote for it, I can knock that one off the list!

Finally, I wanted to pick a film from the 1990s, and then it occurred to me: My favorite actor of all-time is Daniel Day-Lewis, and there’s a film of his, another epic historical drama incidentally (so much for having more diversity; sorry to the romance, comedy and thriller genres), that I haven’t seen, 1992’s The Last of the Mohicans. I’m always down for my boy Day-Lewis, so if you vote for this, I will be more than happy to devour it.

1992’s The Last of the Mohicans.

If you have a better selection in mind than the four here, I will certainly entertain that one as well, and add it to my ever-growing list of films to watch. Make your case! (Also, let me know if the poll actually works. I’ve never done one of these before.)

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