Drink Review: Kroger Cinnamon Egg Nog

Why do they tease me with those cinnamon sticks?! Either include them (uh, somehow) with the carton or leave it off the photo.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a drink review, and welp, it’s the holiday season, so you know what’s coming: Kroger Cinnamon Egg Nog. Egg nog is a weird one to me. As a kid I recognized it as one of those drinks that only seemed to come around during the holiday season, and that made it more special, and alluring. I distinctly remember pouring a giant glass of egg nog and being excited to drink it. Then … not liking it. And now I had this giant glass of egg nog wasted. Egg nog is somewhat pricey and goes fast in those tiny cartons! Egg nog has always been like that, though. It was like stuffing in that way, where every year when it comes around on Thanksgiving or Christmas, I would try it, thinking, okay, this time, I’ll like it. But never do. In other words, growing up, the idea of egg nog (or stuffing) has always seemed better to me than the egg nog (or stuffing) itself.

[Also, it’s going to bug me throughout this post whether it’s “egg nog,” as I’ve been doing it or “eggnog.” I’m going with the space in between. Google doesn’t even recognize “nog” as a real word. Come on!]

Don’t panic: I’ve since changed my mind on stuffing; it’s delicious. As for egg nog, I’ve learned my lesson and only ever drink it in small quantities. I do like it, though! I like that rich, creamy texture. One year, I even made my own homemade egg nog, which while not as good as store-bought, I thought still tasted similar enough to be enjoyable. I wish I had blogged it. Maybe I’ll take it up again soon.

I used a drone to get that shot. (Just kidding … or am I?)

However, I’ve always gotten original egg nog. I’ve never tried any variations, but at Kroger, my local grocery store, I saw they had not just the original, but pumpkin spice (of course), vanilla and cinnamon. I figured I’d give the cinnamon one a whirl for the blog! It even smells quite cinnamony. Like if you were to distill cinnamon toast into a drink, here it is.

Hmm. So, I just took two good gulps. Yes, you’re getting this reaction in real time! The egg nog isn’t as rich as I remember, but maybe because it’s low-fat? I have no idea. But it does taste cinnamony. Confession: Maybe I subconsciously got this one because I enjoy saying cinnamony in my head.

Alas, this is quite good, and I think my strategy of keeping it contained to a small glass is smart. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m also more reticent about dairy these days, so it’s also a good idea for that reason. Yup, this is good. In fact, I’m inclined to get a refill.

If you’re an egg nog person, this is a no-brainer. The cinnamony taste isn’t overpowering, but it does add a nice little bit of flavor to otherwise normal egg nog. And maybe because it’s not as rich, it’s more palatable to me than I remember? I’m not sure when the last time I had egg nog was, perhaps when I made it homemade, but that was years ago.

Do you like egg nog? If so, have you tried this cinnamon kind?

The closeness of this shot actually makes the glass look huge, but it’s tiny, I swear!

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