Cereal For Dinner Is Life

See what I did there with the title?!

I just had cereal for dinner and it was lovely. Cereal does not need to be relegated to breakfast time, where the sun is either just waking up or is in full blast. It can happen now, when the sun is down, the pillow is beckoning and I’m hungry, but want some sweet, sweet comforting cereal.

And you know, it’s easy to make! Crack open that cardboard, use the scissors to cut open the plastic bag (I’m done trying to do that bad boy with my hands), pour some into a bowl (I did two cups here since I was pretty hungry, which is two servings) and then I fortunately had some Silk almond milk left. I say fortunate because I was at the store and forgot to get more milk. I went with the full eight ounce serving this time to correspond with the extra cup of cereal. SPOON.

Doesn’t it feel a little decadent? A little naughty? A little rebellious? I mean, in the grand scheme of life, absolutely not. But in the little ways in which we can rebel against the monotony of life and the parameters and the expectations of life? It can be. A tiny way to nudge back. Sure, everyone does pancakes or eggs or French toast or even waffles for dinner, but cereal? That feels like a morning comfort or at best, a late night snack comfort. But dinner?! What a wild life!

Speaking of life, that’s the cereal I went with tonight. I bought the big box of Life during my latest grocery trip. Life has been one of my favorite cereals since I was a kid and since I’m trying to stick to relatively healthy cereals, it’s a good choice, I’d say.

Does anyone else enjoy breakfast for dinner and specifically, the joy of cereal for dinner?

It hit a lovely spot for me tonight, which is why I wrote about it. I hope it can for you, too!

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  1. Cinnamon Life is actually my favorite cereal (Fruity Pebbles is 2nd). I love Life!
    But yeah, I eat cereal whenever the mood strikes me, and might eat a sandwich for breakfast or cereal for dinner. Basically, I eat most when I’m hungry:-).

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