My favorite superhero costume

I was thinking about this recently because I’ve been having a marathon run of the television series Smallville, which if you don’t know, is about Superman.

So, it comes as no surprise, then, that my favorite superhero costume is that of Superman. Take a gander courtesy of Wikipedia:


Now, granted, there are a plethora of incarnations of the Superman costume across a variety of media. I mean, the…Superman…has been around for seventy-five years! The reason I like it so much is because of the vibrant, primary colors that automatically infuse one with a sense of hope, optimism, wonder and whatnot.

To mention another favorite that is somewhat the antithesis to Superman’s attire, I absolutely fell in love with Rorschach from the graphic novel and film adaptation, Watchmen. Again, courtesy of Wikipedia:


It’s a simple trench coat with a Rorschach-like face mask; hence the name. But I love it. The character is very ambiguous and that’s obviously reflected in his very name, as well as his presentation.

What’s yours?

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