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It’s a good thing for teenagers they’re as young as they are, otherwise we’d call them crazy. You don’t get to be volatile, moody, demanding and narcissistic, sleep all day, stay up all night and fall in love every 25 minutes without earning yourself a psychiatric diagnosis or two. But for the middle school and high school crowd, that’s just part of the job description.

Still,  mental illnesses are very real things and in kids and teens they’re often worse, because the soft clay of a still-developing mind may forever carry the marks of the traumas it endures. That’s why it’s especially important that teens who do suffer from psychological ills get the help they need early. According to a new study published in the online journal Psychiatric Services, however, mental illness in U.S. teenagers is going woefully undertreated—indeed, in numbers we’d never begin to tolerate if the same…

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