Two lawsuits challenging the Obamacare mandate requiring employers to provide health insurance that covers contraceptives reached the Supreme Court last week. The owners of both companies—a craft store chain called Hobby Lobby and a cabinet-making firm called Conestoga Wood Specialties—are arguing that the requirement is a violation of religious liberty. Reproductive rights groups are angry, but if they want to give American women control over their sexual destiny, they should be focusing their efforts on making birth control an over-the-counter drug instead of forcing employers to cover it.

Men everywhere can walk into a store and buy as many condoms as they want, no questions asked. Likewise, women in Mexico, India and 44 other countries can buy oral contraceptives when they wish. Not so in the United States, even though 99 percent of all sexually experienced American women — and 98 percent of Catholic American women — use some form…

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