Cotton Sheets

My latest from Flash! Friday’s weekly flash contest with the prompt “include a woman” and the above picture. As always, 160 word max. 

“We’re signing it tomorrow,” Jefferson said.

His legs were ensnared with his slave and lover, Sally, underneath cotton sheets. He couldn’t resist telling her things, especially after a night like that. The passion seemed to steam from the sheets. Damn intoxicating.

“Signing what, Thomas?” she said.

“It’s going to change everything, Sally. I could come back to this bed and you a headless corpse if even one thing goes wrong,” he said, his eyes angled upward.

Thomas liked to regale Sally with dreams of freedom and how great American could be. She knew he was smart enough to get the irony, but he was also lustful enough to ignore it.

“Then my baby will just have to settle for a headless father,” Sally said, as she rubbed her belly.

He rose from the bed, naked, and strode to his study nearby. She saw him light a candle. And begin writing. His nightly ritual. Always thinking, always planning.

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