Z-A: Rain

As with the other one, it’s a fun gimmick to break the stagnation of writer’s block and procrastination; the lethal combination for a writer. Instead of going A-Z with the sentences though, I did Z-A. It was much harder. As with the last, I asked a friend for a random subject matter and was given “rain.”

Zoos, I don’t know why I bother anymore. Yelping kids were worse than the animals in the cage. Xeroxing copies of the Zoos’ maps only served to heighten my annoyance. What was the point of doing it? Very soon, I’d be likely to toss one of these screaming brats in the cage with the lion. Ugh, I need to relax, but I was on edge; I had no idea what to expect. The letter only told me to go to the zoo, bring the maps, and meet her at “our spot.”

Six years ago, I volunteered at the zoo helping mostly with the tours. Rachel happened to be a part of one of the tours and that’s how we met. Quite unromantically, we first laid eyes on each other in front of the Reptile House. Peering ahead, that’s where I saw her now. Over to the left was a chatty family that migrated away and we were left alone.

Nightfall encapsulated the zoo with an uncharacteristically bright moon overhead. My mind was racing with the possibilities for why she had brought me out here to where we first met. Leaving me wouldn’t make sense because why bring me to this spot?

Kiss and her lips are as soft, warm and inviting as ever. Just then, it hit me. I cannot believe I’ve been so stupid and filled with anxiety. Here, right now, was the moment; it was going to happen. Girls are not supposed to do it, I thought at least.

Fingers nervously twitching, I ask her what this is all about. Everything around me – the distant noises of yelping children, the roar of the lion, my own pounding heart – fade away. Dropping to her knees, Rachel grabs my hand.

Caressing my hand, she goes over our six-year history, the ups, the downs and she even tosses in a quip about our unromantic first encounter at this spot.

Breathe, just breathe, I think and she finishes what she wants to say with, “Will you marry me?”

A slight rainfall begins, as I respond the only way I know, “Yes,” and we kiss again with the rain pouring around us in front of the Reptile House.

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