Poem: Goodbye

This is another whacky poem. I forget exactly the extent of what the prompt was for this one, but I do recall that it involved using a jumbled mess of different categories like song titles, adjectives, movie titles and the like. And again, with the thought of pulling it all together for something coherent.


Axe to the wood, the tree sways and then the

car goes by with my uncle waving, waving.

come as you are, all apologies, come as you are

waving, hand sways in the air, head turning into

a blender, mixing fruits, liquids, into a mess, a mucus mess on

down the street, down dust commander road, wheels turning, turning

good will hunting goodfellas, there he goes, the good, the bad, and the

wheels turning into the town of wood, wheels turning, his hand waving

a wrinkle of a hand, tongue waving, waving with a wrinkle and the

tree falls down, falls down, sprawling on the ground, all apologies.

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