god bless America

This particular poem was done with the premise of “political rage” for one of my English courses and it was brought together in a found poetry type of way. See the sequel to this poem here.

fighting men and women,
bleeding, losing limbs, fucking up your minds,
and dying in those lands of no understanding
my car bumper sticky with pride, my pole of patriotism,
and my words tumbling out
needing a crutch
I go to the mall
I buy my clothes, I fill up my gas tank
you step on an IED, blood everywhere
singers sing while you
accidently shoot a small sunni
god bless America.

and then come back, the three colors
everywhere, staggering you, little boys
running in the cul-de-sac, kicking a ball
revert back to the empty lands, the heat
and the heat of the Shiite blowing off
covered in darkness, flashing tube
fastening the lapel to the suit, the cameras clicking
waving, flashing that stupid smile, shaking your hand
patting your back, a purple here, silver there, a cross
a bronze and a medal
god bless America.

take out the colt or the soaring eagle, cold
on your temple, hands numb and pull.
look at my yellow ribbon, the three colors
meshing in the wind, using you, pimping you,
fucking you to show my blood runs with the three colors
mesmerized by the colors, missing mind, not seeing you
once you’re away from the lands of no understanding
more dying here than there, no osama, no saddam
just avoid the IED to get the PTSD, no one notices

bullet in the brain,
hanging, swirling stomach of pills and booze,
eating my cheeseburger, listening to the rush,
jerking at the images, following a sheen,
draped boxes, crying faces, small but many
do this, do that, yes, sir, right away, sir
anything you say, sir, as kurt would say,
rape me
god bless America

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