Why I decided to start a blog

For years I had the consideration to blog on the proverbial back burner of my mind. And for whatever reason, that’s where it stayed up until recently. As such, I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon why I decided to finally start a blog, my intent in blogging and my motivation going forward.

Once I take up a project, I get obsessive about it in terms of wanting to see it concluded. The same applies to the mechanics of this blog. That is to say, my writings have been in a disparate state for a while now; languishing on four different computers (one of which is no longer usable), on hard copies and elsewhere on the Internet. My initial goal in creating a blog was thus, mechanical; I wanted to bring together all my writings over the years for school, newspapers, and general fun into one place for safekeeping, reflection and to share with others. Therefore, for the last two or so weeks, I’ve been updating my blog with posts such as that ranging from school papers to poetry to well, excuse the pun, general ginger musings.

I also felt that in doing this, not only would I be getting all of my past writings into one place, but that in doing it at the onset of my blog, I would give followers and readers a chance to hear my voice, see my prose and understand what it is that I am most passionate about.

Even amidst this compartmentalizing, I still have wanted to infuse my blog with more timely and relevant posts such as my Star Trek Into Darkness review. After I am done with this particular project that is where my focus will turn: on the timely, the relevant and the engaging.

And that is the second reason I started this blog. I like to write, so I write. The reason writers write is to share what they write with an audience. I have much to say across a wide spectrum of subjects and if people out there enjoy it, find it funny, insightful, inspirational or are just generally interested in it, then that makes it all worth it.

Since I do have a lot to say about a wide array of subjects, that is also why I referred to this blog as “Ginger Musings.” I also like to be self-deprecating and not take myself too seriously, so there’s that as well. There is no singular focus for this blog. I want to talk movies, music, books, society, culture, religion, politics, the future, science, fashion, poetry, family and pets, examine quotes, etc. In other words, this blog is a ginger catch-all.

One final note as a bit of a fair warning; I do enjoy discussing politics and am quite passionate about a few particular subjects. Given my libertarian leanings, I can take positions that outwardly some may find controversial or whatnot. My hope is that, even if you disagree with my political writings on this blog, that you’ll still find some enjoyment in the other areas I cover that have nothing to do with politics.

If you enjoy a blog with no soul featuring a whacky ginger at the helm, then I hope you stick with me through this initial phase of it and beyond.

Your resident (inasmuch as one can be “resident” in cyberspace) Ginger

3 thoughts

  1. “The reason writers write is to share what they write with an audience.”

    I wholeheartedly share this perspective. When I was in high school and wrote stories the old-fashioned way (pen and paper), I would pass them around eagerly (until I got in trouble) and hang in the balance until I got a response. My idea of the best outlet for writing would be playwrighting, where you could work with a cast in the composition as well as observe the audience’s reaction.

    Yet, there are some who write (even prolifically) and don’t even show their work to anyone. My own daughter has completed drafts of more manuscripts than I have and keeps them to herself. It boggles the mind.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re blogging and look forward to our interaction.


    1. That does indeed boggle the mind.

      There’s the old adage that writers are their own worst critic. As such, why would I want to be the only one reading my content? I don’t think I would ever want to continue writing, if I were the only judge!

      As always, I appreciate the feedback and I look forward to further interaction as well.


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