One of my favorite artists, John Lennon


I’m sure he has his critics, but somebody has to concur with me that John Lennon was a genius? He definitely is one my favorite artists’ ever. I mean, look at the list of songs he has that are incredible (mostly from his solo career, I believe):

  • Come Together
  • Yesterday
  • Imagine
  • Instant Karma
  • Mother
  • Jealous Guy
  • Mind Games
  • Give Peace a Chance
  • So This is Christmas
  • Woman
  • Love
  • Watching the Wheels
  • Working Class Hero
  • Nobody Told Me
  • How Do You Sleep

Add in The Beatles work he did and it’s truly an astonishingly accomplished career. What are some of your favorite John Lennon songs (can be from his solo career or with The Beatles)?

2 thoughts

  1. I definitely prefer Lennon’s work with the Beatles than what he did in his solo career. There are so many favorite songs I could name. Certainly, “In My Life” would be up there.


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