Knowing your audience or at least…trying to

In preparation for a writing contest on a forum I frequent, I was brainstorming ideas and whatnot and I kept hitting this same mental roadblock: every idea I was thinking of was with the thought, “I’m writing this for this forum; therefore, I should try to write something I think they will like.”

Well, there’s two issues with that immediately. 1.) That presumes I know what they want, which, while I may have some idea since I’ve been there a while, I still can’t fully know. 2.) In thinking of ideas through such a filter — look at the word ‘filter’ — I  am automatically crippling my creative potential.

However, yet, there is still something to the idea of “writing to your audience” and “knowing your audience.” How do people manage this? For instance, with this blog, I figure it as being a catch-all, so that different things will attract different people. If say, you don’t care for the posts about Superman, you may find something to like about my Miami Heat posts or if you don’t care for my libertarian political posts, you may like my posts about music.

Even so, I feel this contest in particular and others I have participated in elsewhere, do have a more narrow audience. Maybe I should just write what I want to write and hope that the audience likes it enough?

4 thoughts

  1. What if someone doesn’t care about Superman, The Heat or Libertarian rhetoric, all encompassing? What can you offer that person? Give me something interesting and insightful and ill read it. Im a tough sell but I wont apologize for that, challenge yourself and keep honing your skills and maybe someday..


    1. Well, I can’t appeal to everyone. That’s not a feasible or attainable goal to set. However, I do have a lot of interests, some more serious in priority than others, some more whimsical (as in fleeting) and whatnot, so I can only post to that and see what sticks.

      Certainly, I’m not putting out Ulysses-like material at present, but my hope is someone out there is getting something out of it…


      1. Fair enough, just want to see something more profound or provocative from you, I know its in you. Can you tap into to it? Time will tell.


      2. I think so. One of the things I like to do, mostly with the Meta and Personal categories is be blunt and honest about how I feel about things, so maybe that will manifest into what you’re looking for down the road…

        Just glad I have an observer…


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