Jim Carrey disavows Kick-Ass 2

In light of the Sandy Hook shooting, Jim Carrey is distancing himself from his newest film, Kick-Ass 2, which hits theaters this August, according to Vulture.

While I  am all for someone taking a principled stand on an issue and these two Tweets are all we have to go by from Carrey; I feel he is misguided here. He’s doing a disservice to the dialogue about guns, violence and media by saying “I can’t support that level of violence.” It’s a movie; it’s fiction. Moreover, certainly, I would hope he’s not insinuating that violence in media such as films is what leads to or contributes to mass shootings like Sandy Hook.

In any event, he’s also doing a disservice to all the other people that worked hard to put out a great sequel to Kick-Ass. That’s gotta be disheartening for those involved that their major star is essentially disavowing the film.

Not to mention, I thought this would be the film that finally restores some of Jim’s star power, as he plays the wild and crazy Col. Stars and Stripes. It looked like the perfect role suited to Carrey’s noted wildness. Alas…


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