Five awesome music mashups

So, inspired by a Tupac and Adele music mashup, I decided to explore Google to see what other cool music mashups I could find. From which, now, I present the five that I liked the best. This site’s listing was a major help, by the way.

5. Queen + The Beatles – Fat Bottomed Girls Come Together

Putting together two of my favorite bands with two great songs of theirs, respectively? Yeah, I’m going to like it; that’s just a given.

4. Bob Marley + The Beatles – Let It Be, No Cry

I mean, can you get a better mashup of feel-good music?

3. Queen + AC/DC featuring Robert Plant and friends – Rock in Black

I don’t listen to rock n’ roll as often as I do other types of music, but damn, do I sure love to bang my head to it from time to time. And what better way than to Queen’s iconic “We Will Rock You” and AC/DC’s “Back in Black?” The testosterone is in overdrive with this one and I love every second of it.

2. Eurythmics + The White Stripes – Sweet Dreams Are Made of Seven Nation Army

Certainly, from the onset, I was a bit skeptical. Eurythmics ’80s flavor with the unique sound of White Stripes? But damn does it work with the now-iconic riff of Seven Nation Army followed by the equally signature riff of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).”

1. Tupac + Adele – Someone Like You

This is such a smooth remix/mashup. I haven’t heard much of Tupac’s music, but his smooth, sultry vibe works perfectly with Adele’s stunningly beautiful and somber vocals. I can’t get enough of this one.


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