Cote de Pablo (Ziva David) to leave ‘NCIS’

Cote de Pablo

According to the USA Today and other sources, Cote de Pablo, who plays Ziva David on the hit show NCIS will return for the eleventh season, but only to complete the arch for her character.

She’s been around for eight of the last ten seasons. I am absolutely shocked and saddened that she’s going to be leaving. She’s such an integral part of the show for me because not only does she mesh well with the others, Tony, McGee, Gibbs, Abby and Ducky, but because for eight seasons, they’ve been teasing the idea of Tony and Ziva getting together (known as “Tiva” to fans). There’s no way that in the few episodes they get to close the character arch that they’ll be able to meaningful do something with that relationship. So, I find that disappointing as a longtime, ardent fan of the series.

I’m curious how she will go out. Usually with television shows, the character inevitability dies. Could she go the way of Kate Todd with a head shot?

Maybe and I would likely not only have my jaw on the floor, as I did then, but I’d be tearing up for sure. I just love the character. She’s kick-ass, smart and goofy all at the same time.

Ugh is all I can say, so ugh!


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