Bloggin’ ain’t easy…

I’ve been blogging now since mid-May and I have to acknowledge what I’m sure many come to find: blogging is not only hard, but daunting. First, it’s hard in the sense of ensuring consistent activity, but more importantly, quality activity. And that’s just attending to your own blog. Beyond that, there is reading, commenting and otherwise interacting with fellow bloggers. There’s something to be said about all of that, but I’d rather look specifically at the “daunting” part.

Even though I am far from a math guy, statistics are fascinating to me, so I’m constantly looking at the stats for my blog. In May, I averaged 20 posts a day. By the end of June, I was averaging 44. Half-way through July and I’m averaging 59. As of this writing, in total, I have 2,650 views on my blog. Breaking down where those views come from, almost half have come from search engines with a good chunk from my Facebook and Twitter. Word Press Reader brought in about 116 since I started in May.

What’s my point here? Blogging is daunting. It’s hard to gain traction in terms of visitors and views. Not to say nothing of people actually liking and/or commenting on a blog post. I often look at other blogs with thousands of views, countless likes, reblogs, comments and I wonder what their secret is. How do you stick out in the pack of bloggers? Undoubtedly, there are a lot and many, just like me, are would-be writers. So, as a would-be writer, obviously, I want to think my writing is somehow more special than the next person; hence, that way I’ll get people attracted to my site, but on the flip side, seeing all the wonderfully written and articulate blogs out there makes you feel as if you’re status as a would-be writer is never going to change, as there is nothing special about your writing.

And what’s the solution? It’s just as obvious as the point that blogging takes work: to keep working; for one to keep putting out content that hopefully people are taking something from. Certainly, that’s exactly what I plan to do, but I just couldn’t help but take a moment to meta muse about how daunting it feels sometimes.


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