‘Sleepy Hollow’ show to debut on FOX

I dig the concept. I’ve always been into the historical fiction type of material where something from two hundred years ago somehow connects to today and the world is nearing the brink of destruction, etc., etc. Moreover, when you add in the horror aspect of a headless horseman? Yeah, I’m on board with this entirely.

This trailer for the show in particular makes it look promising, so I can excuse the cheesy, on-the-nose tagline, “Heads will roll,” and the officer at the end quipping, “Think he can hear us?”

Sleepy Hollow

4 thoughts

  1. Oh this is one of the shows I’m looking most forward to in the new season! I especially like that it seems to be a short season show like The Following


    1. Agreed, I think that’s a good strategy to go with. I also love The Following. FOX is doing some good stuff, if they don’t give shows the axe prematurely…


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