New ‘Gravity’ trailer is beautifully terrifying

In October, Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock will be released into theaters. There’s two things worth noting about this. First, it will be his first film released since 2006’s much-loved Children of Men; a fantastic movie and worth seeing, if you haven’t. Second, when I first saw the trailer for Gravity, I thought Bullock was Jennifer Lopez. Apparently, I can’t differentiate between their voices. Anyhow…

The newest trailer, posted above, entitled, “Drifting,” is a two minute part of a seventeen minute one-take shot. If you’re not familiar, that means there are no edits with the camera and they are extraordinarily rare in film (with the longer it goes, the more rare it is). Given that context (or even without it), the trailer is simply stunningly beautiful, terrifying and engaging. I have no idea how they’re going to stretch this situation into a full-length film, but damn, that’s gotta be one of the most frightening scenarios imaginable: drifting off into space with nobody around to hear you or help you.


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