Maybe, maybe? Maybe

If you say maybe too much, it starts to look and sound a little funky. Thankfully, I don’t have to be the one to sing it; I just get to listen to its gritty, guttural vibe:

I haven’t listened to Janis Joplin in a very long time. I remember in the earlier stages of my youth, I found her and she was like a force of nature to my musical sensibilities — in a good way, I should clarify. Around that same time, I had discovered Nirvana. As such, I was hitting a peak of that gritty, raspy, angst-filled lyrics and vocals that I gravitate towards immensely. There’s just something about that kinda music that makes you want to grit your teeth and belt out the lyrics while slamming your first onto the desk and I don’t mean it as an angry thing, but well, maybe…

In fact, “Piece of My Heart” is probably my favorite Joplin piece. As the song builds up with the drums and her, “Come on, come on, come on, come one and TAKE IT!” I love it; I can’t get enough of that arrangement. 

Joplin is such the anti-diva compared to today’s singers and given that her heyday was in the ’60s, that’s remarkable to me. Today’s singers, even if I like some of them, exude sex and seem almost part-time modelers as well. Joplin? Nah, she’s just all hardcore, I’m-gonna-sing-like-I’m-spitting-nails vocal style. It’s uniquely her own and works wonderfully.

“Mercedez Benz” feels the most stripped away, metal-against-metal song for Joplin. It’s just so raw once it gets going. A very short piece to be sure, but there’s still something worth getting at it. Hell, I even dig the unrelated to the song part at the end of the following link where she says, “That’s it,” and cackles. It’s just so…her.

Certainly, her style is not for everyone, but I love it. I’m a fan of the ’60s vibe, the anti-diva persona and the gritty vocals.

2 thoughts

  1. Nice post. I was a huge fan of hers in my youth but I also haven’t listened to her in many moons. Thanks to your post, I think I shall indulge.Also “Me and Bobby McGee” is great.


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