Radack has a brilliant piece in The Washington Post arguing that essentially, the government ought to be open to the public and the private lives of Americans’ ought to be private, not the other way around, as it seems to be the case at present.

I’m still baffled that an almost century old piece of legislation meant for those spying against America is being used to prosecute whistleblowers in the twenty-first century and that largely (the mainstream media and the public at large) nobody seems to mind. I mean, they (Manning, Snowden, others like them) are doing us a public service. Say what you will about their personal character, their personal lives and whatever you want, but their actions should be applauded, not condemned.

Truth always wins in the end, but at the moment, it is taking a mighty pounding by the overwhelmingly brute force of the United States federal government in conjunction with an apathetic and uncaring mainstream media and citizenry.

Bradley Manning

One thought on “Jesselyn Radack, “It sends the most chilling of messages to jail truth-tellers and dissenters.”

  1. As much as I endorse Mannings leaks about human rights abuses, if I look at the law, im afraid I have to conclude that I agree with the judge’s conviction for espionage.
    The law clearly states that you do not need to have the intend to injure the US but it’s enough if the leaks could be used by others to hurt the US.

    The problem is that manning did not just leak human rights abuses, im afraid that some of the diplomatic cables that he leaked indeed contain info that could be used to hurt the US, thus justifying his conviction.

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