Christian Bale reportedly offered $50 million to reprise his role as Batman

Bale as Batman

Here we go again; rumors courtesy of Latino-Review state:

According to a new ebook, “Beyond Batman: The Unauthorized True Story of Christian Bale and His Dark Knight Dilemma” this may be the case.

The book cites sources close to Legendary Pictures that asserts Bale may have “no choice” but to don the cowl at least one more time.

According to the publisher of “Beyond Batman,” the Hollywood mega star likely won’t be able to refuse the potential $50 million payday that could come from playing Batman again.

Keep in mind, this isn’t too far off the norm. Robert Downy Jr. was reportedly given $50 million for 2012’s The Avengers, which when you consider how important he is to the Marvel brand it makes sense. Moreover, Johnny Depp, also reportedly is going to cash in at an insane $95 million to return for a Pirates 5. Again, even though that seems ludicrous, those movies are hugely successful because of Depp.

Staying with that theme, Bale was the Batman of by far the most successful Batman trilogy ever done in film. People like the familiar and might not take to a new face dawning the Cowl in future films, like 2015’s Batman vs. Superman (or Superman vs. Batman, who knows yet).

To be certain, even though the author that is purporting this rumor states Bale may need Batman as much as Batman needs Bale, I disagree. Bale doesn’t. He’s an extremely talented, Oscar-winning actor who can play anything he desires. He doesn’t need to play Batman ever again.

That said, I can’t help but kinda support this idea. I adore Christian Bale; he’s one of my all-time favorite actors and I loved his performances as Batman/Bruce Wayne. However, the glaring problem here is the incompatibility. It’s quite obvious that Bale’s Batman from that trilogy just does not fit into the same universe as a God-like being known as Superman. Moreover, while, again, I loved the character, it wasn’t a very “World’s Greatest Detective” Batman nor a seeming master strategist with the greatest martial arts skills known to man. Those two elements make it seem difficult to adapt Bale’s Batman to the Superman films.

Yet, it’s comic books. Couldn’t they just say this is an alternate universe and reboot Batman to better fit the story they want to tell, but it just so happens that Bale is playing him? I don’t know how fans would take to it. Hell, I’m not sure how I would take to it; I’d have to see it first.

There was also rumors they were looking to do an older Batman, which sounds pretty awesome, as it’s an unexplored angle in live-adaption films. Personally, I’d love to see Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in Passion of the Christ and more recently, Reese, on CBS’s Person of Interest, play that role, if it’s the direction they go. He’s got the look, whether for Batman or Wayne and he’s a good actor.


Plus, I think his voice is perfect for the role. Just listen to the subtle bad-ass tone:

I really don’t know. It’s 2013; it’s early, there are going to keep being rumors for a while until WB makes official announcements, but even so, it’s fun to speculate.

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