Fareed Zakaria offers valuable context to likely U.S. intervention in Syria

Fareed Zakaria, host of CNN’s GPS, is one of the more sensible voices on cable news. He’s articulate, well-reasoned and offers necessary historical context to issues. Such is the case with his thoughts on U.S. intervention in Syria.

Check out his thoughts



Essentially, to simplify:

  • Western nations meddled in the affairs of Middle Eastern countries by establishing puppet regimes.
  • The citizens of those countries over time rebelled manifest in bloody civil wars.
  • Sometimes we intervened and sometimes we didn’t and it was clear when we did intervene, that we certainly didn’t stop the bloodshed and if anything, helped to contribute.

None of which of course is addressing the silly notion of the “red line” chemical weapons are or experts advising Obama on this or Obama’s need to seem, for lack of a better word, man enough to take action, the legal parameters therein and so forth, but it does add a very necessary historical context and argument for not intervening in Syria.

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