Oppose war in Syria

First, watch this Reason video which clearly articulates in three simple reasons why we should avoid war in Syria:

Some worthwhile lines to consider:

“For god’s sake, if the last dozen years has taught us anything about foreign policy, it’s that military intervention shouldn’t be done in a half-assed fashion without clear and widely shared goals.”

“If the Obama administration can’t be bothered to articulate why we should fight, who we’re helping and how we would know we’re succeeding, it’s got not business getting involved in Syria.”

However, before I continue in my analysis, let’s get something clear here. If we bombed Syria today, tomorrow, next week, and wherever we bombed then and however much we bombed them, that is war. If people want to get bogged down in meaningless semantics, that’s their business. I guess it’s similar to changing the meaning of collateral damage in the areas we drone bomb to be “enemy combatants,” so as to conflate the true figures. If we don’t call it war, then it must be okay, right? No. If we were bombed tomorrow by Russia, would we apply such an asinine semantics game to the situation?

In any event, they say the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. In that respect, I share Nick Gillespie’s anger in the first quote above. I’m sick and fucking tired of hearing the same vague, ambiguous reasoning being given for why we must get involved somewhere and I’m sick and fucking tired of the media not doing their job as the watchdog of the government. It’s disgusting to me. I want a new paradigm. And maybe more Americans do too given how little they support this intervention.

Oppose war in Syria. It’s not insane.

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