India’s Gang Rape Problem and Rape Culture

Rape in India

A couple weeks ago, I wrote an editorial for my newspaper about India’s gang rape and violence problem toward women with the catalyst being perceived male emasculation and a culture of gender-bias. You can read that here. You can also view the now-viral Indian satirical video about rape from Bollywood actresses:

However, just recently, I came across this opinion piece from CNN, which I didn’t include in my editorial. Check this out:

In the course of my work with Apne Aap Women Worldwide, I have seen the steady creeping of a rape culture into the fabric of India. We work to organize women in prostitution to resist their own and their daughters’ rape. The biggest challenge we face is the attitude of politicians, senior police officials, heads of foundations and even policy makers who view rape as a normal part of society. Many have told me: “Men will be men.”

“Men will be men.” I find that deplorable and repulsive. First and foremost, I do not see how that is even remotely a justifiable explanation for rape. Secondly, such a notion should infuriate men. “Men will be men” seems to insinuate that the natural function of men is to rape women. Men should be disgusted by that implication.

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