National Novel Writing Month: An excerpt, Part II


The following is an excerpt from my story for National Novel Writing Month, Status Update, and I hope it illuminates to some extent, the mentality of my main character, Harper and whatnot. These excerpts will likely be a regular feature this month every few days or so.

To better keep track of these excerpts, I will label them as Part II, Part III and so on. Here is the first excerpt

Ryan was coming by later. Maybe, she said she would at least. I don’t know if she is. I haven’t heard from her in a while. Well, I guess it depends on what you mean by “while.” She text me at two, saying she would be here at four. I sent back a smiley face and said I couldn’t wait to see her. I haven’t heard from her since and its three now. Maybe she doesn’t want to come over. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the smiley face and the exclamation point after “you.” Guys do that now, right? It’s acceptable to use a smiley face in texting and to me at least, it’s just bizarre to end something as clearly euphoric as “I can’t wait to see you” with a period. Look at it: I can’t wait to see you. Versus that with an exclamation point: I can’t wait to see you! It makes all the difference, I think. Anyway, Ryan’s supposed to be here at four, but its three now and I haven’t heard from her.

Ugh, I need to sweep the floors before she gets here. That dog hair. Did I mention it gets everywhere? I probably should spray some Febreze too, as dogs, they tend to smell. Plus, it was raining earlier and she got wet and she tracked mud inside the house and leaves and she had a dirty Frisbee in her mouth and yeah, it was a mess. I got the mud with a towel, but I should use Febreze too, just to be on the safe side. Ryan probably doesn’t notice, but what if she does? You can never be too sure about these things.

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