Obama and GOPers Worked Together to Kill Bush Torture Probe

Bush and Obama

According to this Mother Jones report, which relies upon a released WikiLeaks cable.

Here’s an excerpt:

On April 15, Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.), who’d recently been chairman of the Republican Party, and the US embassy’s charge d’affaires met with the acting Spanish foreign minister, Angel Lossada. The Americans, according to this cable, “underscored that the prosecutions would not be understood or accepted in the US and would have an enormous impact on the bilateral relationship” between Spain and the United States. Here was a former head of the GOP and a representative of a new Democratic administration (headed by a president who had decried the Bush-Cheney administration’s use of torture) jointly applying pressure on Spain to kill the investigation of the former Bush officials. Lossada replied that the independence of the Spanish judiciary had to be respected, but he added that the government would send a message to the attorney general that it did not favor prosecuting this case.

Certainly, I get why from a political standpoint the United States, President Obama and so forth would not want an outside country pursuing criminal charges against former government officials, but morally, ethically, legally? No, I don’t get it. I find it abhorrent.

If the United States is the supposed paragon of human rights that it likes to claim, then we ought to have helped the Spaniards in their investigation of the “Bush Six.”

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