Health professionals working for the U.S. military were “improperly demanded” by the CIA and the Department of Defense to be involved in the design and administration of “harsh treatment and torture” of suspected terrorists since 9/11 at U.S. detention centers, a new report says.

A 19-strong panel of experts, convened by the Columbia University-based think tank Institute on Medicine as a Profession and the non-profit organization Open Society Foundations, spent over two years reviewing public records into the medical professions’ alleged complicity in the abuse of prisoners suspected of terrorism who were held in U.S. custody during the years after 9/11.

Both the CIA’s and Department of Defense’s interrogation methods at U.S. military prisons, including at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, have been the subject of much controversy since 9/11. Officials in President George W. Bush’s Administration referred to the techniques used – which included subjecting detainees to hypothermia, stress positions and waterboarding…

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