The Failures In President Obama’s Drone Policy


Let’s go over the failures, then, as helped by this recent New York Times report.

1.) “The president said that targeted killing operations are carried out only against militants who pose a “continuing and imminent threat to the American people.”

-There has been no evidence offered of the “imminent threat” posed by any of the people we target.

2.) “The president said in May, no strike can be authorized without “near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured” — a bar he described as “the highest standard we can set.”

-Yet civilians continue to be killed.

3.) “At the time, administration officials said that authority over the bulk of drone strikes would gradually shift from the C.I.A. to the Pentagon.”

-Most drone operations are still performed by the CIA.

4.) The above move was an attempt at lifting “the shroud of secrecy from the targeted killing program.”

-Yet, both drone operations run by the Pentagon and the CIA, respectively, remain secretive.

5.) We do not acknowledge our “mistake” in killing innocent people. We do not offer any apologies or compensation.

6.) Our drone strikes may just be killing militants that pose a threat to other Arab countries, so basically, we could be doing the bidding of, say, Saudi Arabia.

7.) There’s long been talk about the blowback from killing innocent people in Yemen, Pakistan and elsewhere…that their surviving relatives or others will come looking for revenge and therein, actually pose a threat to the United States and its people. In other words, drones are not a deterrent of terror, as it is a creator of it.

So, when are we going to seek more transparency, more oversight, more accountability and more humanity? Because right now this is not it. And it won’t change unless we want it to change. Future administrations can just keep citing “potential terrorism” as reason to wage perpetual war that kills innocent people.

And they kill those innocent people in our name.

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